Character Class: Spy

(From the Light Ed.)

Playing the Spy:

Spies are the Character Class that organizations enlist to catch thieves, assassins, and other dangerous enemies that undermine might. Spies are elusive and dangerous, skilled in the art of deception and evasion. The shadows and the night are their closes and often only true friends.


None listed


The Spy prefers the use of heather armor and improved leather armor due to the fact that it is lightweight and flexible; therefore making it conducive to sneaking. The Spy will typically not use heavier arms, as they are too cumbersome; therefore preferring the use of lighter weapons including light missile and thrown weapons.

Armor Restrictions

  • Improved Leather Armor max.
  • No Helm

Weapon Restrictions

  • Avoids heavy weapons

Creating the Spy

Attribute Requirements:

  • Agility = 7
  • Patience = 5

Life and Faith:

  • Life: 2d6(GE) + STR + END + WIS
  • Faith: 1



Choose four (4) Talents and three (3) Crafts at Level 1.

(You may select Skills from the following list or Weapon Skills from the list below.)

Weapon Skills:

(You may select a Weapon Skill from the following list in place of selecting a Talent or Craft.)

Initial Equipment:

  • 2 Long Daggers (2d8 DAM ea.)
  • Pouch: 2d6 G + 1d8 S
  • Tunic (AP Chest +1 DEF)
  • Hooded Cloak
  • Cloth Breeches (AP Legs +1 DEF)
  • Boots (AP Feet +1 DEF)
  • Sleeping Blanket
  • Small Pack
  • Medium Candle
  • 2d6 days food rations

Progressing the Spy:

Life and Faith: Add the following to the 's Life and Faith upon reaching each new level.

  • Life: 1d6 (GE),
  • Faith: 1

*(GE) = Grace Effect