Character Class: Healer

(From the Light Ed.)

Playing the Healer:

Healers are members of the Clergy Class who specialize in bringing healing to the sick and injured. They have devoted their lives to passing along Life-giving supernatural powers to those in need. In exchange for their sacrifice of giving up the things of this world, Healers gain and extraordinary ability to perform healing Miracles.


Because of the Healer's commitment to supernatural healing powers, the Healer Character Class gains the ability to perform Clerical Miracles at half the normal Faith Point Cost (rounded up as needed). All Miracle abilities are lost for 2d6 days once the Healer uses any weapon (other than the staff) as a weapon or uses any armor for physical protection.


Healers can never wear any armor for physical protection. They do not believe in physical help - only help that comes from above. Healers will never use any weapon made for the primary function of causing physical Damage. They will only use staffs.

Armor Restrictions

  • Never wear armor - robes only

Weapon Restrictions

  • Never use weapons - Staffs only

Creating the Healer

Attribute Requirements:

  • Patience; 7
  • Wisdom: 5

Life and Faith:

  • Life: 2d4 (GE) + (Strength + Endurance + Wisdom)
  • Faith: 2d8 (GE) + (Patience)



Choose four (4) Talents and three (3) Crafts at Level 1.

(You may select Skills from the following list or Weapon Skills from the list below.)

Weapon Skills:

(You may select a Weapon Skill from the following list in place of selecting a Talent or Craft.)

Initial Equipment:

  • Staff (1d12 Damage)
  • Heavy Robe (AP Chest/Legs: +3 DEF)
  • Boots (AP Feet: N/A)
  • Pouch of 2d6 G, 1d6 S
  • Sleeping blanket
  • Small Pack
  • Torch
  • 2d6 Days Food Rations
  • 2d4 Drafts of Healing
  • Books of Medical Knowledge (optional)

Progressing the Healer:

Life and Faith: Add the following to the 's Life and Faith upon reaching each new level.

  • Life: Life: +1d4 (GE) (GE),
  • Faith: Faith: +1d8 (GE)

*(GE) = Grace Effect